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Our Team

Jacko & Jezza

- Los Hombres De Salsa -

Randy Sanchez Sauce Co is proudly run by Adam Jackson and Jeremy Green.

Jacko and Jezza cook, bottle, distribute, and manage everything in-between, with the help of their ever patient partners and family.

They love their families, good food, supporting their local community, and making badass hot sauce.

Together, they’d love for Randy Sanchez Sauce Co to become so big that they had to ‘quit their day jobs’, focus on it full time, and travel around the world slinging hot sauce!  Keep it real!

The Team

ADAM & Family

(The Inspiration)

With over fifteen years of hospitality experience, I have grown to love food culture. I love entertaining, and am in my ‘happy place’ when in the kitchen cooking for friends and family (I have a beautiful blended family of seven). 

I created Randy Sanchez Sauce Co. in 2016 after growing my own chillies at home and experimenting with some sauce recipes. I thought ‘some of these sauces are s***, but some of them are f***ing RAD!’ and knew that I had to keep going with it. 

Working full time, slinging coffee casually on the weekends, and running around after the kids takes up a lot of my time. If I ever wanted this to take off, I knew I had to get some help… enter Jeremy Green. 

Jeremy and I have worked together in the past, and it brings with him a wealth of marketing knowledge, as well as a laser like focus on getting s*** done. With my creativity and his drive, we make a great team. Our wives help us out a lot, and it would be great for business to be able to pay them with something other than hugs, kisses and free sauce…

Jeremy & Family

(The Inspiration)

I have a full time job & a family who mean everything to me. They keep me going and are ever supportive of my very full lifestyle. 

Randy is my side project. I love thinking of different ideas for Randy and ways we can get more people to know how amazing he is. I love taking him with me to meet different people and see different places. 

I have known Adam for years and we have always gotten along. During a long car drive one day with Adam he made the off hand comment that he wouldn’t mind some help selling some sauce. From this seed our current partnership grew. 

I decided that I could somehow squeeze this into my busy life and went about working on the next stage for Randy.

Our Mission

Our mission is to continue to create great sauce. Our medium term goal is to add another 4 sauce lines to our offer however we are not sure we will ever stop the research and development side of the business (its way too fun).

One day we would like to crack into the American market also. I think we will know we are successful when we can justify both of us heading to the USA for a tax deductible trip to NYC for the Hot Sauce Expo.

Where can you get Randy Sanchez?

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